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HeroQuest Links:

The Alchemist’s Bench

Articles and HQ news galore.


The Chaos Gate

Has an in depth conversion of Advanced HQ demons in his Bestiary.

NOTE: as of February 25, 2004, this site is missing again! It has only the message "- CURRENTLY DOWN -"


Derfel Link’s Site

Yota Moteuchi and Derfel Link made an editor for HeroQuest. It makes quests in PDF files.


Dewayne Agin’s HeroQuest Web Page

In my opinion… “THE BEST HQ SITE PERIOD”! With the most active HeroQuest Forum; Spell College, Combat and Random Quest Cards, etc., etc., etc. And, of course, home to Ron Shirtz’ amazing HQ tiles!


Expanded HeroQuest

J.D. Frazer, Carl Forhan and Derek Hohls’ Expanded HeroQuest Version 1.2 Unofficial Expansion Rules for Milton Bradley's HeroQuest Game.


Falk’s HeroQuest Page

Falk has the start of a complete HeroQuest Universe in the works! Check it out.

NOTE: as of October 26, 2009, this site is missing!


HeroQuest – Avenger Sword

Jake Bullet’s (a.k.a. Nicodemus) site with innovative ideas, and the new “Gathering of the Hordes Quest Pack”.

NOTE: as of August 17, 2009, this site is missing!



The site is in Italian and slow loading due to an overindulgence of graphics, but has the English language version of HeroQuest items available for download. Plus, some of my own tiles!


HeroQuest Treasures

Need that extra part or seven or more? You’ll probably find it here…

NOTE: as of January 27, 2003, this site was closed due to illness. It is now gone completely ...


JemyM’s HeroQuest Download Collection

If you just want everything HeroQuest in one location try "HeroQuest Complete Collection". This site holds downloadable versions of everything related to HeroQuest...

NOTE: All of the downloads require the RAR compression utility to decompress. If you don't have RAR, forget it!

If Required: Name///Password use *anything*///*anything*


Lord Chaos’ Realm

New Heroes, Monsters, Spells and “Random HeroQuest” Solo Rules Tables.


Mark Butler’s Bigger Board

NOTE: as of June 2005, this site is now gone completely ...

A larger revised game board may be downloaded here.


Mark Miller’s HeroQuest

HeroQuest Forum, Player Lists, Downloads (including the ‘fantastic’ HQ Die Roller!)


Mortimer’s HeroQuest Bestiary

Well put together Bestiary. Includes conversions of Warhammer beasties to HeroQuest Stats. Mortimer has done a good job in the fact that the Monster’s ’abilities’ remain the constant throughout. I.E. A Manticore’s ’Frenzy’ has the same rules as a Witch Elf’s ’Frenzy’.


Naglfar's Reich der Orks

A German site with many new ideas and downloads to add to your HeroQuest game! You may wish to use Babelfish to translate if you are not up on your Deutsche. Their site also has copies of my original tiles available for download. Does this make me world famous?


Old Scratch’s HeroQuest Forum

Irreverent discussion of HeroQuest by HeroQuest fans and collectors. Not for children!


Stephen Baloban’s HeroQuest Archive

All things official HeroQuest and Advanced HeroQuest can be found listed here.



Art, Tiles, Art, Advanced HeroQuest area, Art and Art!



More of Toco's artwork may be found at Elfwood, Fantasy Art


Trent’s HeroQuest Card Creator

New Home!

Trent has returned with a new (hopefully permanent) site for his HeroQuest Card Creator! Just click on the Projects tab ...


Yahoo Group: Tolkien’s World

This group is designed to give interested gamers a chance to roleplay characters in a Tolkien setting using a combination of rules from MERP, Tolkien Quest, and homerules from the moderator. The moderator sponsors group games, and solo games using the Tolkien Quest format. Also plays HeroQuest and Advanced HeroQuest in a PBeM (posts to the group) Style.


Yahoo Group: HeroQuest-Boardgame


This group is new and Spam-Free! I created this Yahoo Group to give HeroQuest fans using Yahoo a space to communicate without the spamming ads that occur on the other HeroQuest Yahoo Groups. You will find all new PDF's of the HeroQuest components in the Files Section. These are not the usual scans of the cards which are skewed and show wear. I have re-created the cards using original fonts. In this way the cards will print out as good as the originals! I am creating all the cards to US standard. Meaning all of the cards are US size (Now you can play with the Wizard's of Morcar spell cards in US size; or Kellar and Witchlord Artifacts without cutting the Questbook!) and follow the same wording pattern (i.e., the phrase from the UK version cards Discard after use. has been replaced with the US version Do not return this card to the deck.)


Zagnut’s HeroQuest Downloads

They have your high quality Quest Pack downloads. Need I say more?


If you have a site, which includes anything HeroQuest, and would like to be included on this list, Please, contact me so that I may include your site! And, If you are listed here, am I listed on your site???

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