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The HeroQuest Main Game was released both in the US and Europe, although they were completely different versions (3 different versions were released in Europe. The first version contained the Original Quest "The Maze". The second version replaced the Original Quest with "The Trial". The third version "HeroQuest Advanced Edition" contained all of the second version, along with "The Dark Company" a 13 part additional Quest which added 12 Men-at-Arms). In addition to the Main Game, Milton Bradley also produced 6 Quest Packs for HeroQuest.

NOTE: All contents listed herein refer only to the US releases. With the exception of the UK only releases.

Content Lists:

HeroQuest Main Game (US)

There were 2 Quest Packs released in the US and UK:

Kellar's Keep (US)

The Return of the Witch Lord (US)

There were 2 Quest Packs released only in the US:

Barbarian Quest – The Frozen Horror

Elf Quest – The Mage of the Mirror

There were 2 Quest Packs released only in UK:

Against The Ogre Horde

The Wizards of Morcar

Also released only in the UK:

Adventure Design Kit

Other HeroQuest related items:

There were 3 HeroQuest Novels published:

Each novel contained an individual non-related HeroQuest short story. All of the books also contains an "Endless Quest" type game as the second half of the book with simplified HeroQuest rules (isn't that redundant???). The second and third novels each contained a single HeroQuest Expansion Quest.

HeroQuest Novel 1 (1991)

    The Fellowship of the Four by Dave Morris
        Game: In the Night Season

HeroQuest Novel 2 (1992)

    The Screaming Spectre by Dave Morris
        Game: Beyond the World's Edge
        Quest: Running the Gauntlet (Solo Quest for the Wizard)

HeroQuest Novel 3 (1993)

    The Tyrant's Tomb by Dave Morris
        Game: The Treasure of Chungor Khan
        Quest: A Growl of Thunder (Solo Quest for the Barbarian)

White Dwarf Magazine published 2 HeroQuest Expansion Quests:

White Dwarf Magazine Issue #134

    Quest: The Halls of Durrag-Dol

White Dwarf Magazine Issue #145

    Quest: The Eyes of Chaos

Adventures Unlimited published 1 HeroQuest Expansion Quest:

Adventures Unlimited Issue #5

    Quest: The Inn of Chaos

Marvel Comics published 1 HeroQuest Expansion Magazine:

HeroQuest - The Marvel Winter Special

    Literature: Wanted: Hero What it means to be a Hero.
    Literature: The Monstrous Regiment Morcar's Minions.
    Literature: Paint Your Wagon - er, Orc A painting guide.
    Quest: Revenge of the Weather-Man
    Comic: United We Stand
    Tiles: The Hazard Pack

Merlin published the HeroQuest Sticker Album

    Included 215 HeroQuest Stickers
    The HeroQuest World Map
    And, the following HeroQuest stories:
        The Barrow of the Witch Lord
        The Bastions Of Chaos
        The Fire Mage
        The Gathering
        The Monster Gallery
        The Spirit Blade
        The Stone Hunter

Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd. published 3 HeroQuest Computer Games:

HeroQuest (1990-91)

    Available on: Amstrad, Amiga, Commodore 64, PC, Sega and Spectrum

Return of the Witch Lord (1991)

    Available on: Amstrad, Amiga, Commodore 64, PC, Sega and Spectrum

HeroQuest II: Legacy of Sorasil (1994)

    Available on: Amiga and Amiga CD32


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