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Here you will find some new creatures to inhabit your HeroQuest world! Now what makes this page a little different from the other pages is that I am not just putting monster stats in a list. Here you will find full sets of monsters!

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First up are the Lizardmen. This set includes 6 new monsters for the HeroQuest world. They are Skink Braves, Skink Great Crests, Skink Priests, Saurus Braves, Saurus Totem Warriors and Kroxigor. The set includes the six original art Monster Cards, six Icons for map making, six new Lizardman Spells for the Skink Priest (includes the back of the card) and finally a set of six paper Stand Ups to represent the new Lizardmen Monsters!

Please Note:

This page contains links to Zipped images. All images are 200 dpi. When viewed they will appear much larger than actual size. I created them in at 200 dpi to retain image quality when printed.

To print at the correct scale you will need a graphics editor and print the artwork at 200 dpi or the image will print very large! Both the Web and your monitor are set to view images at 72 dpi (Windows preferences may alter this to 96 dpi). After an image is created and uploaded to the Web it is transformed from any dpi to 72 dpi, although the number of actual pixels is unchanged. This is why some people will upload an image that appears correct in their image editor, but require a 60 inch diagonal monitor to view the image on the Web!

To convert the artwork to the correct 200 dpi, open the file in an image editor such as PhotoShop. Once the image is loaded, adjust the Image Size from 72 dpi to 200 dpi. Do not select the option Resample Image, as that will only create an extremely large image at 200 dpi by increasing the number of pixels! The Monster and Spell Card image size is 2.155” x 3.505” when printed at 200 dpi.

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