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Small Goblin- (12,1,1,1,1)

This monster is for the U.S. game system.

It figure came out of a Games Workshop box. it says FT01 on the front if that helps. The batch number on the back was 758500 for this box. Product code: 99 12 02 99 003. Component Code: 99 28 02 99 001.

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Special rules/ explination:

The Small Goblin has (12) movement because it is an extremley quick monster (smaller than its goblin cousin.) It then has 1's across the board because of its special ability.

Attack back: (Attacks when defending.) : This ability makes the small goblin annoying as hell. Every time one gets attacked, It also gets to attack whatever attacked it on that same phase. (this is great with a Small Goblin hero that I designed for the game. (stats : 2/2/5/2 , moves with 3 red die, and also has Attack back.) I made a Hero Card if you are interested. When these two get tangled up, it forms an interesting loop where the goblins hit or miss and keep "attacking back" forever until one of them dies.



small goblin


small goblin card
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