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  Our last online game was a sucess... but we are constantly trying to figure out a better way of playing each other online.
  Please join in discussion on the message board.
  Previous Format:

The gamemaster will prepare a quest and set a time and date for the game time. During the game all will communicate via group chat (AIM) and view a web page or the board which is updated by the game master. I have made a dice roller to use on your PC (click here to check it out). You can download it from the downloads page.

Please only apply if you are serious and can make the date/time.

If you wish to play, email Mark with your choice of character.

  First Game: example start
The Minotaur King  
Game Master
Sunday, March 3nd, 2002
Heros needed
  Time zone: (gmt 05:00)  
spaces available:
Branden Beachy
Nick Imholte
Ray Bordier
Sergio Cuevas
  AOL Buddy Icons:
    During the game it would be a great help if you could set your buddy icon to the correct image. Or just download them for every day chatting. (download all)
skull dieshield dieblack shield die
  Special Rules:
    Because the game is online, communication may be difficult with the Game Master. To solve this I plan to have one chat window open with all players, one chat room for discussion, and one for all important instructions. As a player that means you will have four windows open, three for communication and one for the game board. As a game master, I will have 6 open. Make sure to grab the buddy icon that corresponds to your character.
    Room location will be communicated using x and y coordinates starting at the bottom left point of every room. (see example below)
  example xy
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