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  Game manuals, card templates, original game images, etc.
  Create your own:
  Hero Template small size (bare .jpg)  
  Monster Template small size (bare .jpg)  
  Game Board Template small size (bare .gif)  
  Manuals: (pdf)
  Main Game Manual
  Main Game Quest book
  Kellars Keep Quest book
  Witch Lord Quest book
  Barbarian Quest book
  Elf Quest book
  PC Games/utilities: (all rights to those who made them)
  Hero Quest 1
  HeroQuest 2    
  Hero Quest by Gerwin Broers

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  HeroQuest Custom Die Roller Version 2.1 by Mark Miller Click to see a preview
  HeroQuest Custom Die Roller Version 2 by Mark Miller Click to see a preview
  HeroQuest Custom Die Roller by Mark Miller Click to see a preview
  PC Dice Roller (from d4-d100, with modifiers)
  Background Images: (1024 by 768 only)
hq desk 1 thumb
hq desk 2 thumb  
  Origional Game Stuff:
  Artifact Cards
  Chaos Spell Cards
  Hero Spell Cards
  Monster Cards
  Hero Sheet
  Dark Company 1
  Dark Company 2
  Marvel Comics 1
  Marvel Comics 2
  Marvel Comics 3
  Marvel Comics 4
  Marvel Comics 5
  Marvel Comics 6
  Other Quests:
  Inn of chaos
  A Growl of Thunder
  Eyes of Chaos 1
  Eyes of Chaos 2
  Eyes of Chaos 3
  Running the Gauntlet
  Halls of Durrag
  Adventure Design Kit 1
  Adventure Design Kit 2
  Adventure Design Kit 3
  Adventure Design Kit 4
  Adventure Design Kit 5
  Editor one (german)
  Editor two (german)
  Editor three (english)
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