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Other HeroQuest Websites:
Agins Inn   For all your HeroQuest needs
Red Dragon's Guild   New ideas and downloads
Zagnuts Downloads   Manuals and other paper downloads
The Alchemist's Bench   Some new material, and rules
HeroScribe HomePage   Mapping tool
HeroQuest   Translations, editors, and more
HeroQuest Game   Tons of resources
Terrain and Tiles:    
3D Terrain:
Dwarven Forge   Master Maze, amazing 3d dungeons!
(see text at right)   If you are interested in getting this stuff at discount, send me an email:
Agin's Inn Tiles   Some high quality stuff here
Steve Dean Painting   Amazing style, check "misc." for HQ figures
Finding HeroQuest:    
Ebay - keyword: heroquest   To find the game / spare parts
    (dont forget to search for "hero(space)quest" also
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