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Rat - (10,1,1,1,1)

This monster is for the U.S. game system.

It figure came out of a Games Workshop box. it says FT01 on the front if that helps. The batch number on the back was 758500 for this box. Product code: 99 12 02 99 003. Component Code: 99 28 02 99 001.

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Special rules/ explination:

The Rat has a high movement (10) because it is small and quick. It has 1's across the board which makes sense when you see its special abilities.

Automatic 1 hit/1block when attacking/defending: This is a neat ability that allows the rat to be a tough little guy and score some hits at the same time. Basically every time it is the rat's attack it gets a skull automatically, and while defending it gets a black shield automatically (yes, meaning you must hit it at 2 to kill it!)

Poisonous: When a monster is "poisonous" it does poison damage instead of regular damage (which is deducted from your body points.) Poison delivered one at a time by a monster... when a hero has 4 poison counters they die. (anti-poison potions may be made at zargons discretion for quests. Some potions of this type will replenish body points and poison status, some just poison or a portion of the poison.)





rat card
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