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Minotaur - (5,2,5,5,2)

*Winner of New Monster Contest*

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This monster is for the U.S. game system.

It figure came out of a Games Workshop box. it says FT01 on the front if that helps. The batch number on the back was 758500 for this box. Product code: 99 12 02 99 003. Component Code: 99 28 02 99 001.

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Special rules/ explination:

The Minotaur has an average movement as of his size. He moves slowly but takes big strides. His attack is at 2 because of his poor vision and overall sluggishness. This monster has a high defense (5) because of his thick skin and massive size. (this is also the reason for his high body point number.(5)) The monster cannot cast spells, though in certain quests he has let out a loud roar that awakens suits of armor into chaos warriors, etc. This monster works best as a finisher (near the end of a quest) and since he only has an attack of 2 he is best when combined with monsters with a higher attack (such as chaos warriors). Fear him!!!






minotaur card
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