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• New and unique ways to expand on your HeroQuest game. All downloads are full sets; which means they include *NEW* Cards, Tiles, Icons and even minis - all items necessary to print and play! Plus much, much more...

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Latest Update: August 18, 2004 - Added two new tiles and revised others. I have added the Crossroad Tile for use with the revised Cobblestone Road Tile and added the Well to the Tilez Section. The Well is a simple 2D dungeon decoration to spice up your dungeon. Also note that ALL of the Outdoor Tiles have been completely redone with a new more natural looking grass!

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• Links tested positive August 16, 2009

• Updated Falk’s HeroQuest website address.

JemyM’s HeroQuest Collection appears to be gone.

Mark Butler’s Bigger HeroQuest Board is gone.

Zagnut’s HeroQuest Downloads is gone again!


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