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Our rights are very important to us. Except where we've explicitly stated otherwise, the contents of this site are the original creations of individuals working in their spare time. With a few rare exceptions that we'll clearly identify, nothing that you'll find here is in the public domain.

Some people apparently don't know what "copyright" means, or what rights we are reserving. This is our attempt at a clear statement. It's written in plain language, but it is legally binding.

If you have any questions, ask us BEFORE you download anything.



Although you have our permission to make personal use some of the things you'll find on this site, the words and pictures that you see here are not in the public domain. Before downloading anything from this site, please pay close attention to the following requirements for usage:



Don't download things from this site and make them available from your website, ftp site, or other source. Send your visitors here instead.

Do not sell or attempt to sell anything you find on this site, digitally or as a hard copy.

Don't take our work and claim it as your own. If you pass individual copies of our work along to your friends, you must include the copyright information that we have provided with the files.

Don't use our work as an ingredient in your work. For example, don't take a graphics file from this site and use parts of it in an image or floorplan you're designing. Adaptation or modifying our work does not make it count as your work. Use your own original work.

Although it's a nice gesture, it's not enough to just state "copyright by" or "created by" and still publish our work on your site. Remember, "copyright" means you CANNOT use the copyrighted item without license and permission.


The articles on this site, along with any accompanying illustrations and photography, are each individually owned by the people who created them. If you can get the author of a specific article to give you permission, you are then free to make whatever use of the article (and/or its accompanying artwork) the creator has authorized you to make.

"Accompanying illustrations" does not mean the decorative artwork that appears in the page headers and on the index pages. That was created to make this site unique and is not available for your use.




You may download and print the materials found here for your personal use only.


You're free to tell other people about this site and put links on your website that link here. If you link to pages on this site, the text near your links must acknowledge that they lead to "The Alchemist's Bench". We would appreciate knowing when you create a link to this site, as a matter of courtesy.

Do NOT create a page that appears on your site, but downloads its art from this site. Even if an author has given you permission to host a copy of an article that originally appeared here, you must host any accompanying grahics files locally. (For more information about bandwidth theft, click here.)



In accordance with our opinions on this issue, we support efforts to make the web a fairer place for content creators.



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