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Dave - 12/24/00 04:33:43
My Email:hopeybear@go.com

Back in '93 our local Wal-Mart had a toy clearance. Clearing out for new seasonal items. One of the things going was HQ original packes at a $1.00 each! I only picked up one to suppliment the one I already had. My friend Mark bought up over 10 of them. I have a picture somewhere. Unfortunately I still have mine, unwrapped but still unpunched. Mark decided to open his for parts for other games, sell them in garage sales and give them to his nephews as gifts over the years.

daniel - 12/08/00 06:57:20
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your site and hero quest rule. is there any way I can get the hero quest board game.

Gazza - 12/01/00 14:57:04
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There aren't many Hero Quest sites around. Lots of good info in your site! Keep up the good work!

Farendil - 11/18/00 23:39:00
My Email:farendil@gmx.de

!!!A really Great Site, many thanks!!! I am looking for the Elf and the Barbarian Quest Packs. I am offering you in exchange the german versions of Wizards of Morcar and Against the Ogre Hordes (both are factory sealed). If you are interested, please let me know.

Emile Rijsdijk - 11/16/00 11:02:59
My Email:Emile_Rijsdijk@hotmail.com

You've got very good idea's, you know. Thanks for the idea, i'll try it next time we'll play.

- 11/09/00 13:40:04


The WebTroll - 10/12/00 21:05:38
My URL:http://www.angelfire.com/art/webtroll
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AT LAST!!! Online info about the best boardgame ever!

Adam Ryan - 09/28/00 04:34:24
My Email:Pineapple@techemail.com

Howdy These are the assumptions I have made before writing this, they may not be correct, but you can work out what I am talking about. Assumptions: You are an Americian This site is still using recent info. Now for the next bit. I am from Australia, that is why I think we may have a few things different. 1) Your Kellars Keep was a Red Box, mine was Marone, and your manual had a picture of what you get on the back, mine had a cartooney picture of a orc, fimir, goblins, a skeleton and a chaos warrior on the back. The book was marone. 2) Your return of the witch lord was a blue box, mine was green. On the back of your manual it had a similar thing to your kellars keep, mine had a map of the empire. The book was green. 3) Finally you only talk of 2 expansions, in Australia in about 1995 I was able to pick up a third expansion called Ogre Horde. It was a brown box, and was about the size of the other two expansions joined togethor. It had new missions and creatures (4 different ogre types). Anyway as you didn't mention it I figured you hadn't seen it. 4) I have Battle Master as well as Hero Quest +3 add ons, but have never seen advanced hero quest or the other one, dark something. 5) I have also generated 4 new characters for my personal game at home (Thug, Cleric, Assassin and Shield Maiden) as well as some of my own new equipment and quest treasure, plus have made a new spell type (Ether). However from what I have heard from an overseas friend is that the rules for Americian Hero Quest are different to Australian, so I don't think my personal adjustments would help you much. Anyway I gotta go and I can see this message will probably take a while to load so Cya.

BEAU GESTO - 09/21/00 18:29:29
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xcom - 09/17/00 18:33:34
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gret site,iwas wondering if you knew of a similar one for mutant chronicals

gordon king - 09/16/00 19:50:32
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It's nice to see someone still appreciates one of the finest board games ever. Keep up the good work.

Ian - 08/22/00 19:43:11

Great site, I first played hero quest when it first came out, I was only 8, but I still loved it, great game!

samus prodigy - 08/15/00 12:31:46
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hero quest is by far better than d&d because you can actually see what is going on

Patrick Lincoln - 08/15/00 01:30:20
My Email:Plincoln@ea.oac.uci.edu

I took the hero quest game and change some rules around , made my own levels (through out the booklet entirely) , painted the monsters different colors. I made a black spray painted 4 armed gargoyles. I superglued the arms of some orcs to the body of the argoyle and spraypainted it black. Hey you do what you got to do to create new monsters. I allow the heroes to perform whatever actions they prefer, spells can be casted on anything , not just what the spell specifies and my levels have secrets that invol e complexity and require that the heroes use their mind to solve puzzles or to get out of traps etc.. I think that Hero Quest could have been so much more if it were more like Dungeons and Dragons , but they had the right idea when they made a simpler game. ~Patrick Lincoln

Matt Francis - 08/14/00 00:43:45
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Great site! Thanks!

King Diamond - 08/06/00 06:44:08
My URL:http://www.angelfire.com/me/kingdiamond

Great HQ site dood!! I was looking for a way to introduce new heroes and monsters into HQ... well, everything I was looking for is right here. Amazing work!!

mark owen - 08/01/00 15:08:17
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great site...good to see that HQ is still appreciated...been playing since it was first produced and now my 7 year old is playing it...2nd generation HQ player!!

Ben Gorski - 07/12/00 16:19:02
My URL:http://www.soltec.net/~stgorski
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Loved the site, I really want to get into hero Quest. vEry helpfull. I recently purchased the game system and all the expansions for $3.50!!! sweet deal. Only problem...The game is missing the gargoyle and the instruction book! Is there anyway that i could get a copy of the nstructuons..or are they online somewhere?

Guido - 06/30/00 02:14:03
My Email:normanavery@vcs.maisd.com

I have had my game for 2 days know and I love it. I got very lucky when I was walking threw a goodwill and saw it setting thare for only 2 bucks. How lucky is that.

Mick - 06/26/00 04:25:12
My Email:mick@shine.net.au

Calling all Aussie Heroquest Fans!! Just letting you know that I have the following treasures for sale: - Hero Quest Game. Still shrink wrapped. - Advanced Hero Quest. Rules, miniatures and tiles, counters etc. - Against the Ogre Horde Expansion. - And Quest Books for Kellars Keep + Return of the Witch Lord. Like the title says I'm in Australia but I will still sell this stuff to anyone else in the world (they will reponsible for shipping tho). So if your interested or your in Aus. and just want to talk about Heroquest stuff email me at mick@shine.net.au . Cheers. Mick G.

Seth - 06/01/00 06:19:03
My Email:Smorhion@cs.com

I like it a lot. I've been working with John on some stuff. He's a very nice guy and very thoughtful. He has tons of excellent ideas. It's an honor to work with him on our current project and I look forward to working with him on future projects.

mo - 05/30/00 13:52:03

best hero quest page ever seen !!! keep it on

Tree - 05/26/00 17:45:24

I'm so excited to see a site up for Hero Quest! I'm 21 years old now, and a youth pastor in the MidWest, but that game was always my favorite. I'm looking to aquire another one, since all I have left now is the rule book, the quest book, and the Keep ques book. (moot) Thanks for providing such a great resource! P.S.- Seeing as how MB copyrighted the game, it's not 'fair use' to say that you've copy righted expansion pieces. I'm not going to make a big deal over this, but it's like writting fan fiction. You're still violating their copy rights, then telling us that you hold your own. I'm sorry, but you just came off as very harsh on that copy right page.

gognatz - 05/26/00 16:12:16
My URL:http://www.herne1.de/hq.html
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If you should look for HQ-stuff (miniatures & expansions) check this site....perhaps it will help you http://www.herne1.de/hq.html

zac - 05/23/00 10:51:31
My Email:zac@learnfree.co.uk

i am just introducing my children to hero quest - they love it. thanks for putting the site up - it has kept them happy for ages. btw our uk version of hero quest has a different cover. i will try and photo it for you. i just have to get my hands on a digi camera

steve post - 05/07/00 18:19:52
My Email:clonea@earthlink.com

Nice Place. I bought Hero Quest at a flea market in Dayton Ohio. Years later I went shopping for a house. I made SURE it had a basement with room for THREE 8x3 foot tables. Now, I'm glad I did. Don't worry about me realising your stuff as my own. I' a CLOSET GAMER.

Kimmie Jones - 05/02/00 20:17:20

This is a kewl site but I still have no idea where to buy it!

QuestGnome - 04/25/00 22:26:51
My URL:http://www.geocities.com/questgnome/

To the anonymous person who posted a message here on April 22: We do not sell any products through this website. If you would like more information about where you might be able to find HeroQuest and related products, please go to this page: http://www.geocities.com/questgnome/basics/gettinghq.html Thank you. -- QuestGnome (webmaster for The Alchemist's Bench website)

- 04/22/00 23:14:15

i got a question how do i buy stuff from your website tell me though the gest book

Robert Snaith - 12/12/99 02:03:08
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Ilove Heroquest and want to here from other followers.

STEVE - 11/17/99 22:21:09


Nate - 09/19/99 23:31:16
My Email:YRaider33@aol.com

If anyone here has a copy of advanced hero quest or the hero quest exspansion packs they are willing to sell please e-mail me.

benga - 09/10/99 11:04:57
My Email:benga35@hotmail.com

good do you sell any of the missionpacks

- 09/07/99 18:27:47


Jon Kilmer - 08/17/99 17:20:24


james lee brailey - 07/29/99 15:49:17
My Email:smoothjoe25@startrekmail.com

this site is awsome i would like to subscribe to the newsletter please ?

Matt Skeels - 07/18/99 01:17:29
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My Email:thexder7@hotmail.com

Hey, I loved Hero Quest, but seemingly absent from you're website is an archive of the Elf and Barbarian expansion sets. Sigh... still trying to find Advanced Hero Quest.

Tyler - 07/16/99 04:16:25
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tyler - 07/15/99 20:37:26
My Email:scorp76013@aol

THIS GAME KICKS. now if i can only find the expansions

Dustin R. - 07/12/99 17:11:52

The Elf is the best character in the game. The Elf's skill with the weapons and magic make him an unbeatable character in Hero Quest.

Derek S. Bonner - 07/12/99 17:03:48

Hero Quest rocks!!! Durgin is the all mighty hero. He is clearly the best character. When I play, Durgin has the spirit blade, birins armor, a staff, and a crossbow.

Derek S. Bonner - 07/12/99 17:03:43

Hero Quest rocks!!! Durgin is the all mighty hero. He is clearly the best character. When I play, Durgin has the spirit blade, birins armor, a staff, and a crossbow.

Kristofer - 06/24/99 22:32:18
My Email:kristofer479@hotmail.com

It was a good site but I could use info and tips on painting the minis

Carl E. Heyl - 06/21/99 16:25:16
My Email:Carl@deltaboogie.com

Hi, i'm thinking about trying to convince other miniatures companys (ralpartha, enigma, fortress figures) to release a dungeon crawler game like hero quest i would like your suport if you could send me an e-mail with your name and e-mail adress i can add ou to the petition, Thanks

Chuck Lindsey - 06/18/99 21:06:19
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Greven - 06/18/99 20:43:42
My Email:Gamepro32@aol.com

I like your page but would you ever consider putting more tiles up. Trying to make the board more interesting. Good Work keept it up.

Karnov - 01/10/99 03:07:16
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Nice Site

Krusty - 01/06/99 21:58:23
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We want more!

Dewayne Agin - 12/21/98 13:38:32
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Great HeroQuest page!!
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